Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Ballad of Hugh the Pict

With painted face above the dyke,
he surveyed Roman fort.
Hugh thought, “We'll draw 'em out to fight,
we're not the foolish sort!

We're not the type to rush headlong
against the might of Rome.
Guerilla tactics are the norm;
they'll wish they were back home.

Their conscripts make a powerful force,
with Tungrians from Gaul
and men from where the Rhine spills out,
Batavians who'd brawl.

But lure them out we will, my lads,
we'll trap Centurion's men;
he'll take his Cohorts out to fight

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Ballad of Ferniehirst Castle

You stand there silent witness, stones,
to fabled past and pain;
you tell no-one, but if you would,
in language known to men,

you'd tell us walls of Ferniehirst,
your nature was to hold
and standing still in Borderlands,
you've outlived men of old.

In minstrel's lays on ballad nights
by Jed there's Laidlaw's verse,
where once the Reivers led a dance
at odds with peaceful Merse,

where fiddlers' sets aye stir a few,
recall the din o' war