Friday, 28 April 2017

Her eyes

Her eyes

It's the green that does it.

These are no clichéd pools in which to drown.
Within the grey-green focus-frame
of captive flowers,

like clover through a meadow in spring, 
drift thoughts unspoken,
perceived as yet unvoiced,
beckoning from distending pupils.

The entire cosmos lies therein,
in that singular moment,
blue-black and infinite,

never fleeting,

rising to greet the blue.

Friday, 21 April 2017



Where lies the point of it; your life?

Its primary focus--- where's that point,
the place where all your thoughts converge,
the centre of your universe?

It's there in her for whom you verse.
The one on whom it all depends.
The one without you'd meet your end.

The one who knows she'll always be
the one who suits you to a T.

The one on whom you concentrate.
The one you in your blindness rate
as always 10, your perfect date.

The one on whom you lavish care
and touch when both get naked-bare.

Engrossed, immersed, absorbed, explored;
she is your motive force. Adored,
she permeates your dreams
and gars ye grin--- you cat; she cream.

Friday, 14 April 2017



No tailor's needle ever stitched
a tighter bonded seam.
It binds we two; the woven wire
sewn in to my veins---
she's run through me like a thread.

Friday, 7 April 2017

My girl

My girl

Let me tell you 'bout my girl. She's
a fully fledged member of the species.
What I like to call her is the bees' knees,
a touch of magic gifted by the fairies,
the one and only cure for my maladies,
the habit forming fix for my squeeze-pleas.
Coupled at the lips, we're like Siamese
dwelling in a pod like we're two peas.
Never mind these clichés or my fancies,
she even says she likes my favourite CDs
and just for her I'd listen to the Bee Gees
or play some Motown, say the Three Degrees,
do my very best to see what she sees,
swim the seven seas and carpe diem – jeez!
Is she the one for me, I think so; yes please.