Friday, 26 May 2017

Principia Philosophiae Naturalis

Principia Philosophiae Naturalis

For every first night's nervous fears
there's fears the first night ends in tears;
for every touching, whispered word
there's words she'll whisper touching me;
for every look from depths in eyes
there's eyes return that look in depth;
for every kiss with parting lips
there's lips that kiss until they part;
for every touch that bares a breast
there's barely flesh left unaddressed;
for every leg that's clad in silk
there's silk that's wrapped about my chest ;
for every high heeled shoe in red
there's red stilettos worn in bed;
for every rhythmic, thrusting moan
there's moaning, thrusting, on and on;
for every force in nature now,
a diametric equal – Wow!

Friday, 19 May 2017



Do you remember?
In that year of September,
we strayed for a stroll on the strand.

You kicked off your boots
and waded like Knut
'til the tide had gone out on its way,

then danced around
with your toe as a brush
and sketched out a classical heart.

You added our names
and a thing like our youth
was preserved in those pictures I took.

Oh to remember
the day that September
when you took the place of the sun.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Love is

Love is a pipeline to places where only we've been.
Places we've found when we've crawled through our selves,
when we've flowed in each other wisely unseen,
uncontrolled in unruly topographies. Delves

within more penetrating shafts than arrow straight
to where it is that us two coupled always leads?
It is that fabled truth that makes us osculate
and leak and seep and from one to the other bleed,

makes of our every notion an infinite thought--
Yes! No words need be uttered (our eyes cry as much).
Bound in those aeons of time that we've wrought,
we're fully submerged in the aesthesis of touch.

Oh, she looks like I feel when I feel like she makes
me all that I am and she's all that it takes.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Fifty shades

Fifty shades

...and then there was
that Fifty Shades
starter kit we never used.

The proposition
was, we didn't know
what we were missing.

I could touch you in ways
that made your eyes
widen involuntarily.

You had that look
that drew tighter
than a noose

and a mouth
that smiled as your teeth
closed on my chest.

No, there was never
a suggestion
we needed any props.